What I’ve Learned in My Second Trimester aka The Honeymoon Phase

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Finally past the ½ way point, and it’s all starting to get exciting and very real! This week marks 27 weeks, which means I’m about to enter my 3rd trimester, wow! This recap is easier to write than my first trimester post because the last several weeks have been comparatively so much easier physically, emotionally and mentally. While I’ve come to appreciate pregnancy, after all, it’s truly amazing what the body can do, I also realize that everyday is different and looking back on how sick and uncomfortable I was for close to three full months I’m not sure I can imagine doing it again. Women are truly impressive! I’ve felt lucky that I do a lot of my work from home, it’s incredible to me that most women have to drag themselves to an office to sit there all day during the worst parts of pregnancy, I certainly commend you! I think we need maternity leave for the first trimester as well.

Thankfully, my nausea let up at about 17 weeks and since then I’ve had more energy, less intense mood swings and cravings for healthier foods again. My skin cleared up (I’m obsessed with MyChelle products right now) + I’ve developed quite an impressive bump :). More energy has also meant I’ve been able to work out more and I’m going to share my favorite video workouts in a separate post since I’ve mostly been exercising at home–except for weekly dance classes at Hipline of course– to save time and keep it easy. There is so much great, FREE content on YouTube, it’s amazing. Stay tuned for that post as well!

My twin sister Cami and I

One of the highlights of the second trimester for me came when I started showing. It’s nice when people are finally aware that you’re pregnant as they’re definitely more willing to give you a hand carrying things, or to offer a seat on the train, but as you’ve probably heard, they also have a lot of opinions. Mostly nice/thoughtful commentary, but if another man asks me if I’m having twins (wtf??) I’m going to freak out. After all, while it’s fun to get a cute bump, it’s not super exciting to have your body blow up before your very eyes and have everyone comment on it! Women are always really sweet and quick to tell you how small you look (right, lol!)  but dudes, please take a course on how to speak to pregnant women!

2nd Trimester symptoms and solutions I’ve found helpful:

  1. Fatigue- While I have more energy throughout the day, I’m still totally beat by seven or eight pm and in bed by 8:30 or 9, unless I’m working late. To create a positive sleep situation I’ve developed a nice evening routine that I really enjoy. Here’s how it goes:
    • First, I eat a small meal for dinner really early, ideally before 6:30PM to avoid heartburn.
    • Second, I stop staring at my computer screen or phone by 7:30 PM and I take my supplements after dinner as they still make me fairly nauseous if I take them during the day.
    • Third, after washing my face and brushing my teeth I get into bed and usually play some relaxing music to help me and baby unwind from the day.
    • Fourth, I read a good (non-parenting) book for 30-45 minutes to help me relax further which usually puts me almost to sleep then I shut off all the lights for complete darkness.
  2. Declined Sleep Quality- Unfortunately, being exhausted doesn’t always mean great sleep. As the bump grows I’m finding it more uncomfortable to sleep on my back but becoming a side sleeper has not been easy for me. I mentioned the snoogle in my last post and wasn’t loving it then, but now that I’m bigger I’ve really started to appreciate it. It’s helpful to have pillows on all sides of my body to keep me from ending up on my back which seems to wake me up quickly as my uterus is apparently getting heavier by the day–woohoo!
  3. Acid Reflux/Heartburn- I’ve never had heartburn before so this symptom, while still better than around-the-clock nausea, has been quite uncomfortable! My doula told me to cut out flour and sugar, which I’m sure she’s right about, however, that’s certainly easier said than done, see cravings below… fortunately, antacids are safe for pregnancy (just don’t take with prenatals as they block calcium absorption) and I’m working to eat gluten-free more regularly.
  4. Bloat- As progesterone relaxes muscles in the gut things start to really slow down and as a result gas builds up in the body. Super fun.  I work for a salad company so leafy greens and raw veggies are a HUGE part of my diet. I have found that eating smaller meals consisting of mostly cooked (non-cruciferous) veggies and really chewing help me avoid feeling like a balloon.
  5. Back Pain- Along with additional weight comes some new aches and pains, especially lower back pain. Going to a chiropractor weekly, using a heating pad at night and stretching daily, along with frequent breaks from sitting, have all been very helpful. I also bought a yoga ball to sit on this week and am hoping that that helps ease back pain and get baby in a good position in the weeks to come.
  6. Pelvic Pressure- At certain times of day I get a weird pressure in my pelvis. I guess it’s the baby settling in but it’s intense and unpleasant and usually requires getting horizontal. This is probably directly related to the ‘I have to pee constantly’ problem!I haven’t found another solution for it yet, but fortunately it usually happens at the end of the day.
  7. Sugar cravings cont…- One thing that hasn’t changed much since my first trimester is my desire for carbs and sugar, every. damn. day. I’m trying to make good choices, bake my own treats that are slightly healthier, and eat more naturally sweetened foods like Perfect Bars but not gonna lie, this has been hard for me to control! My husband is loving this one because I’m buying cookies with much more frequency.
  8. Overheating- For the first time in my entire life I’m running warm vs. cold, which is kind of n nice, but now I know how warm people feel! Part of my second trimester the weather was really hot so walking the dogs, working outside or driving was tough, but fortunately dressing in layers and drinking cold water is really helpful. I’m extra thirsty all the time anyway so lemon infused or plain water are always nearby!
  9. Anxiety- I’ve really taken active steps to reduce my anxiety and my work has become more manageable in the last month, so my anxiety has gone down significantly, but if I eat too much sugar, or dark chocolate my mind races and I feel really anxious. Calm magnesium has been helpful and I continue to use rescue remedy as well. Sometimes I miss just pouring a glass of wine at the end of a long day, but I’ve gotta say, not drinking for this long is probably a much needed break and has probably had a positive impact on my anxiety levels as well.

Tons of high school friends that came to my shower, some with their babies in tow!

In the last four weeks I’ve loved feeling kicks and general baby activity, and more recently, ‘outside kicks’ as well which are stronger and Wyatt can feel them too! I also had an amazing baby shower in Colorado with friends and family. I feel so loved and even more excited to welcome this little lady to the World in a just a few short months.

Stay tuned for the third and final chapter and thanks as always for reading 🙂 I turned comments off here due to spammers, but always love to hear your feedback, so please leave me a message on Instagram!!