What I Learned by Going to a Hatha Yoga Class (Note: this post is not just for yogis)

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I still love you NYC!


I have not been giving enough love to yoga on the blog lately, so today’s post is dedicated to my favorite four letter word!

A few days ago I got a serious eye opening news flash of the yogi variety. Like most modern yogis I primarily practice vinyasa flow, and I teach the same style. Since I rarely work out at a gym anymore I like the combo of strength, cardio and stretch that a typical flow class provides. However, recently I’ve found the more flowing I do the more sore I become, but for some reason I just keep doing it. And that’s where this weeks epiphany comes in. There are other styles of yoga out there friends and listening to your body is number one, if you’re not a yogi and reading this, it applies to you too, read on.

We don’t listen to our bodies! We are so programmed to just do and get through that we don’t breathe. We don’t listen. We don’t think.  This goes for diet, exercise, workload, balance, integrity, everything. We just keep doing the same thing and hoping it will feel better, get more interesting, or turn our body or life in to what we want.

So more about the yoga experience. Heres’s how it went down. I’m exploring yoga studios in the East Bay and have found some great teachers and spaces! This week I was planning to go check out a flow class in the morning but had some work to do so I missed it. The next class on the schedule was a Hatha class. Admittedly, even after my teacher training, even though I know that Hatha is the just the umbrella that all of the physical practices live under ( remember, yoga has eight limbs, only one of which, asana, involves doing yoga poses) I still think of it as yoga for little old ladies. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. In my mind the classes are slow, involve a lot of lying in a prone position, and eek… there may be a chair involved, ugh, I just wasn’t sure, but I went anyways and I was so pleasantly surprised!

Since my shoulders have been killing me and my legs are really tight from walking up and down hills in my new hood I just couldn’t fathom the idea of a doing a million chaturangas and lots of standing poses. I needed to chill but also be active. The class didn’t disappoint, it was very challenging, with slow movement, but also really long holds in poses that we often rush through in a more flowy class. I was actually sweating from the holds and found a totally different type of challenge.

By the end of class I felt really restored, super strong and mentally relaxed because I wasn’t simply going through the motions, but instead really working in to a pose and finding the shape from my feet up. Your core is not just your abs friends, the core involves your whole body! 

So why is this important? Well, think about what parts of your life you are simply rushing through to get to the next thing? Ask these questions:

– Are you just working for the weekend?

Is your workout method the best thing for your body? (Not Beyonce’s, or your spin instructor with the calves, or your friend from high school looking good on Facebook)?

– Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people around you?

– Do you constantly need new things to avoid what is inevitably missing in your life?

– Do you workout to have a ‘perfect’ body but then just drink and eat crap all weekend, avoiding the real benefits of exercise?

– What are you really passionate about?

These are BIG questions, and trust me I’m still asking most of them everyday. This is not an overnight fix. When you mix up simple parts of your routine you may find out some big life altering information. Check it out! Also, side note, why don’t more men teach yoga? Come on guys get in there!

This has been going around this week and I’m pretty in to it:

Have an awesome weekend. I’m so exited that my sister and niece are coming to visit, can’t wait and check out my instagram for pics of the festivities!!