We’re Pregnant! A Recap of the First Four Months

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Yep, we’re having a baby! We got the news right before our trip to Paris, a trip that we thought would be a great opportunity to relax and well, make a baby, but  it was too late, we were already pregnant! Once I saw the positive test the trip became different than we expected (a lot less cheese and wine than planned) but still amazing and I had very few physical symptoms yet so I enjoyed walking for miles and miles everyday to see the beautiful city.

Fast forward to the week we returned from Paris and it hit me. Full on sickness, all day, every day.

I wish I could say it’s been really easy and I’ve just been glowing and feeling great, but unfortunately, my experience has been the opposite. It still seems slightly unreal and it’s truly amazing how fast 17 weeks can fly by! Well, I take that back…the weeks fly by but the days drag on and on forever. Getting through the workday for the first 2 months was pretty much all I could do and that was a challenge in itself. I don’t know who coined the term ‘morning sickness’ but it’s not even remotely accurate. If you’re one of the un-lucky mamas that experience morning sickness you can expect a variety of symptoms, from all day nausea and exhaustion to actually vomiting multiple times per day. While I’m lucky that I’ve only thrown up once so far (from my first migraine ever), I did feel terrible from morning to night and couldn’t wait to go back to bed by 9PM latest.

I journaled an overview of every week and most went something like this; ‘ I’m absolutely exhausted today, head is pounding and am so nauseous and tired that I can barely think straight. Skin continues to get worse (literally it was like middle school level bad acne again) and am also feeling really anxious.’ And another one, “Going on two weeks non-stop nausea, I had no idea that it would be this bad! So tired, random appetite and can’t remember what feeling good is like. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my own body. Super bloated, terrible skin, cramps, nauseous and exhausted all the time, excited to get through this period!”

Sadly, not much helped ease the nausea, I tried everything that was suggested and each thing only helped for a very brief period, my few reccs are listed below. Getting out of the house helped but it was so hard to get motivated to do anything.

So basically, I’ve been tons of fun 😉

The other hard thing that’s tough about the initial phases of pregnancy is that no one knows you’re pregnant. I did tell my direct manager early on because I was so sick.  He’s a dad, which is great, but let’s be honest, he’s still a man and has no idea what it’s like. It was a relief to finally start telling close friends and family to help replace some of the tough symptoms with excitement and joy.

It wasn’t all bad either. When I could step away from the physical symptoms the excitement has been overwhelming, having a baby is going to change everything and Wyatt and I are so excited about the immense changes to come!

Diet + Supplements: 1st Trimester

After week five my diet took a turn for the worst. One thing that I found so amazing during the first trimester was that after week five I couldn’t even stand to think about my favorite things: coffee, chocolate, wine, each sounded repulsive. So cool that our body takes over to protect us from the things that are no longer serving us and don’t support the growth of a human! Most of my first trimester was dedicated to eating anything I could, most of which was included carb heavy and honestly not very healthy options. I had very specific cravings as well, mostly for sweets, muffins, orange juice, etc.

As someone who takes their diet and nutrition very seriously I had some serious guilt around this, but ultimately, I had to listen to my body, give myself a break and just do what I could. This didn’t really shift until my second trimester started well into week 13  when I could start eating more normally.


Since it is so hard to eat normally in the first trimester my naturopath put me on Prenatal Pro with a really good folate source, she taught me that folic acid isn’t ideal. Folic acid is synthetic so it’s harder for the body to process and can cause other health problems or release too much folic acid into your system vs. folate which is naturally found in foods and therefore easier for the body to break down. I also learned that a prenatal with multiple doses is better than a single dose for absorption. At the end of the day I think it’s important to get a good, potent prenatal that will really support you and your baby, don’t skimp on centrum one a days right now ladies, go for the gold! I will say the prenatals added to my nausea, which is usually associated with high levels of iron, so that’s the downside, but I also knew I wasn’t getting key nutrients so I choked them down.

My full supplement list in the first trimester (keep it simple):

Prenatal Pro- 6 per day

Pro EPA/DHA Fish oil- 2 capsules per day

Nature Thyroid for hypothyroid support

High quality probiotics- 2 per day

A few things that saved me in my first trimester:

  1. Therapy– If you’ve tried it you know. Having a neutral party that will just listen is such a great thing when your hormones are out of whack!
  2. Meditation– I’ve been using a few apps, but there’s a new one called ‘Expectful’ that is designed for pregnancy and has different mediations for each trimester, including partner options, I’ve really liked using their app and they have a facebook group too that connects mamas and has been a great resource!
  3. My hubby– Men don’t have to carry babies but if they have a super sick partner then they still have to suffer through some of it with you. After several weeks of constant sickness I’ll confess that my moods were not always the best, Wyatt really took everything in stride and stepped up to help make me feel more comfortable. I’m also lucky that he’ll eat anything as he’s had no say in the menu for many weeks. He also had to deal with my constant complaining about smells and has stepped up on household duties to help me out. Thanks babe!
  4. Movement getting some movement everyday, even if it looked like lying still on a mat has felt great to me. My body is changing but I still love to get my heart rate up. I’ve been doing shorter workouts with light weights and some yoga, swimming is also feeling really good.
  5. Unisom + b vitamins– my midwives reccomended this one and I think the unisom actually helped, but I discontinued b vitamins after a couple of weeks, didn’t see a difference with those. I’ve never taken sleeping pills but all the research I did suggests that unisom is totally safe. I took ½ a tab every night for about 8 weeks and am now taking a quarter. The dreams are great too…
  6. Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicinals Love this stuff! It didn’t really help my nausea, but tastes great, is full of vital nutrients like nettles and raspberry leaf, and just helped at night after a long day.
  7. The Snoogle– Jury is still out on this one for me. I bought it to help me sleep on my side vs. stomach and back but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. TBD.
  8. Mommy Coffee + Matcha powderI had no coffee for the first two months and have just started integrating a little bit back in to add to my coconut oil/collagen/cinnamon blended elixir in the am. I found this Mommee Coffee on Amazon and it’s half caff, low acid, organic and water processed. I love it! I’ve been alternating between that and matcha daily and feeling great!
  9. Essential oilsas mentioned above, I’ve had some serious aversions to smells, including almost everything in my house. Thankfully, I also have a ton of essential oils, my favorites right now are anything citrus and Doterra Elevation.
  10. Rescue Remedy– really helpful when anxiety gets intense and also safe for baby.
  11. Morning Pages/journaling – While I didn’t do these everyday, the days I did it was extremely helpful in keeping my thoughts flowing and beginning to write again, which I’ve put on the back burner for the last several months and is always so therapeutic for me.
  12. Apple Cider VinegarThe only thing that helped ease my acne woes that I felt safe using. I’ve been drinking it too.
  13. Chiropractic care– My back is already getting sore so I’ve been seeing a chiro for the last few weeks, game changing! I’ve also read a ton about the benefits of this work leading up to birth which include better immune health for mom and baby, less morning sickness, better positioning for baby and probably most importantly, easier labor and delivery. According to Modern Alternative Pregnancy, “the main premise of chiropractic care is to allow the body to heal itself by removing obstructions to the nerves in the spinal column. When the nerves allow the brain and the body to communicate freely, the body is able to work as it was designed.”
  14. Friends– for their support and understanding as I’ve been a bit of recluse the last several weeks!
  15. My Midwives– I feel so lucky that I found the most amazing midwives that have hospital rights. I wasn’t totally on-board with a home birth for my first one so this option is amazing and both Gwen and Ellie are awesome and have each done hundreds of births. I especially love that compared to most OBGYN’s I never felt rushed at appointments and now I’m not nearly as terrified about the hospital birth experience, I know they have my back and will help me make the right decisions. I can’t recommend midwives enough based on my experience with them already. Currently looking for a doula as well because I get to labor at home, another added bonus of midwife care!

Books I’m reading/apps using:

  • Expectful (app)
  • Baby Center (app)
  • Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck
  • Bringing Up Bebe
  • Clearly I need more book reccs, let me know if you have any!

If you’re a mama to be and you’re experiencing a lot of sickness remember that you’re not alone, you’re doing your best and give yourself a break, you deserve it, after all, you’re growing a human and life is going to change! I’m at week 17 and feeling great, so there is hope!

Mamas, please share any advice you’ve got including, health tips, reading materials + must haves for your babyregistry!