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There are very few topics that I can call myself an expert on, but one of them is snacking. I know a good snack when it crosses my path and ever since I’ve embarked on a healthier lifestyle I’ve discovered that my love for snacks only grows deeper. Fortunately for us all, snacks have changed so much since I was a kid, we literally lived on highly processed junk food; party pizzas (ZOMG! the best), those creepy yogurt stick things, and ruffles potato chips. Oh, 90’s, I don’t miss your food. Today however, we have so many options, including healthy snack subscription boxes. I am in LOVE with this idea. It’s perfect for work, at home, and for those that are ‘too busy’ the favorite of all excuses to not eat well.

Some nutrition experts believe that you shouldn’t graze all day long, but if you’re going to, which let’s be honest, some of us do (*raises hand*), then why not make healthy choices with foods that are as whole and intact as possible in portions that aren’t out of control.

Enter Nourish Snacks, created by nutrition expert Joy Bauer to help people make better snack choices regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. Her motto is, ‘Life is Hard, Food Should Be Easy” and I like this because a) we all do have a lot going on and b) there is so much nutrition information out there and for a a normal person and it’s nearly impossible weed out the good products from the bad. Why not have an expert help us curate our cure to the 3:00 slump?

I want to talk for a second about snacks in workplace as well. The new trend in offices is to have a full kitchen equipped with snacks. That’s great, but what I’ve seen so far has been tons of bins jam packed with sugar hiding in every costume, beverages like Coke, Red Bull and the other usual suspects and then a single banana that gets snatched up fast by that girl sitting near the kitchen who does a lot of pilates. Anyways, I digress, but these subscriptions are perfect for the office as well and I highly recommend them!


The Experience

When the box arrived I was really excited to open it and very impressed by the pretty packaging, it made me feel like it was Christmas morning and I was about to open the coolest gift ever! Everything is very clean and bright and even came with a reusable tote bag, so fab. When I opened the box I think I may have gasped, the contents were so bright and cheerful and fun I wanted to eat all of them in one sitting, but I didn’t, instead I tried a couple and then put the box on the counter and saw how they would incorporate into my, and the ever hungry Mr.J’s, life. Which it turns out they really did!

I found it so easy to just grab a couple of snack pouches to go and was always excited when I opened my bag and saw a new treat in there! There are so many varieties it’s kind amazing!

Here are a few real-life moments where the snacks came in handy:


Wyatt testing out some snacks before a ride around the East Bay

1. Mr. J’s bike ride prep: Wyatt is an avid cyclist and also an avid snacker. He is not discerning in his snack choices and will literally eat anything in close proximity after a ride. Enter Nourish Snacks! These fit really well into his bike bag and didn’t get lost in all his other junk.


Snack selfie waiting for BART

2. Commuting: I’ve been running around like crazy lately. Running errands, meeting people, interviewing, etc. It’s really nice to have something light that I don’t have to wash or pack up that’s just ready for immediate consumption when I need it.


Muir Woods Snack Break


3. A Road trip: Now that we’re Californians we spend a lot of time in the car seeing all the new sites this sunny place has to offer.  Having some snacks in the car is so key! When we took my Mom-in- Law Pat to Muir Woods we didn’t need to waste time stopping somewhere to get gross sugary treats, or more food than we wanted, we were all set with Nourish Snacks!

What to Know:While much of the bad stuff is left out, there are still some processed oils and can sugars in a few of the snacks, if you’re sensitive be sure to read the labels closely. Also, I found a few of the sweet varieties to be too sweet for me.

My favorites: Cashew Colada, Almond to Cherries and Hot & Popular. Wyatt’s fave: Chili’n in the Corn’r

Boxes come in 20 or 50 packs and can be customized for kids, moms, chocolate lovers, college students and beyond! For more info check out:

*disclaimer– Nourish Snacks provided me with this product to sample, but as always, these opinions are my own.

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  1. Nancy L / March 26th, 2015 16:47

    Thank you for this. I’m ordering some of the coconut flavors, they sound amazing and just what I need!