Learn About Vooluu: Brand New and Super FRESH!

Posted on 21 Jan 2016 in healthy, Product Review | Comments Off on Learn About Vooluu: Brand New and Super FRESH!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve joined the team at Vooluu as a brand ambassador! This is kind of a strange new world for me because I’ve literally said no to selling a million products. You name it, I’ve been hit up to sell it. Honestly though, the fact the people even consider me a health and wellness ‘influencer’ is seriously flattering and I’m certainly not complaining! However, I am extremely wary of multi-level marketing, I really appreciate everyone that reads my words here and I only want to advise you to buy things that I seriously know and love and trust and love.

Here’s the story…

Vooluu reached out to me after finding my blog and I did some research and spoke with the founder and was honestly blown away by the commitment of this team; not only in their ability to find me in a sea of bloggers, (what?) but also in the extreme integrity they have around product sourcing, development and goals. This team is legit! They have communicated clearly, picked an amazing group of ambassadors including athletes, health coaches, bloggers and influencers, and have really given us all of the resources that we could possibly need to really understand the product and talk about it.

Vooluu is focused on two key products (with more coming soon!):


1. All in One Green Protein Shake:

  • Superfood nourishment featuring plant & sea based proteins
  • Immune-boosting mycelium blend
  • Live probiotics & enzymes
  • Free of dairy, added sugar, soy, gluten and GMO ingredients
  • Provides a completely balanced amino acid profile
  • 100% organic
  • Get your daily dosage of greens, micronutrients and proteins — all in one shake!


2. 100% Organic Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars: 

Chocolate is a necessary part of life, if you don’t agree, you should stop following my blog.

High Fiber • High Protein • Complex Carbohydrates • Calcium, Manganese • Zinc • Iron • B vitamins • Phosphorus, Antioxidants • Omega 3 & 6 • Vitamin E • Trace Minerals • All 9 Essential Amino Acids • Tryptophan • Copper • High Folate Choline

Essential Ingredients:

  • Chia Seeds: Originally from South America, chia seeds are packed with superior nutrition. Unlike flax seeds, they’re absorbable by your body in whole form.
  • Hemp Seeds: A high protein seed with all essential amino acids.
  • Buckwheat Groats: Even though it looks like a grain, buckwheat is a fruit seed that is related to the rhubarb plant, making it a great alternative to wheat.

Even better? I’ll also be writing on Vooluus blog about superfoods, healthy lifestyle and I recently wrote about not sacrificing flavor and nutritional density which is unfortunately often the case with protein powders and green drinks. I also wrote about the amazing benefits of medicinal mushrooms which made me want to go mushroom hunting!

I can’t recommend these products enough, when I drink the green powder in the morning I feel amazing all day long and the chocolate is such a nice (and healthy) treat! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!