Healthy (ish) Travel: South of France

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I have to start by coming clean about my lack of posts in the last few months since I returned from Thailand. A lot has been happening both personally and professionally, but I’m very excited to have re-designed my website with the help of the amazing Ansley Fones, and now I’m back and ready to share!

I’m feeling especially excited about travel these days, which is part of the reason that I wanted to re-design the site. My hope is that everyone who comes here and works with me feels supported to feel awesome regardless of where they are in the World, or whether they are at work or at play.

Speaking of travel my (not so new now) job at Wanderlust has taken me to a few great places over the summer including Stratton, Vermont, Mont Tremblant, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia. Each event was a really unique experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my summer in both Brooklyn and running around the globe! My husband Wyatt and I have also just returned from our 3rd ‘honeymoon’, to the South of France, which is just as fancy as it sounds! We call these yearly trips honeymoons because if you’ve ever been on a honeymoon you know that it is truly is the most connected you can get with your sig. other and is usually super extra special. In my opinion no one in the U.S. really needs an excuse to get away and re-connect with our partners, it’s an absolute necessity, and if you’re married you know what I’m talking about!

In the past I’ve spoken about staying healthy while traveling and although this trip to Spain and France was not our healthiest trip to date, that’s ok. Europe is rich in culture, history, and especially food. Baguettes are abundant, the meals last forever, and the desserts, don’t get me started! However, learning to enjoy and let go can be just as valuable to our health as being 100% balanced and eating perfectly, so that’s what this post is all about. Driving along the coast of France was such a unique way to see the country-side and we had some fun, and challenging surprises along the way. We also ate a lot of amazing food and of course I took pics of it, check out the highlights below:

Platja D’ Aro, Spain:


I met Wyatt in this beautiful little beach town about 2 hours outside of Barcelona. The water was bright and clear and our balcony had a gorgeous view of the ocean. We stayed only one night, but it was a really memorable place and I was extremely grateful for the beautiful Scandinavian style spa in the hotel after the long flight! At dinner we met up with the crew that Wyatt had been riding with on his Trek adventure through France. We drank some awesome Spanish wine and ate tapas at a nearby restaurant and celebrated the end of the long ride.

Fave Food Moment: Goat Cheese Salad.

When I get off of a plane priority one is eating fresh food!


Goat cheese with greens, cherry tomatoes and balsamic.


Eze, France


IMG_9807IMG_9812 IMG_9804





After a long drive with a brief stop in Narbonne for crepes we finally made it to Eze, an amazing medieval village overlooking Nice. Our hotel, La Chevre D’Or was really incredible! The rooms are built in to the village, and each room has an incredible view. Beautiful gardens, statues, and cobblestone paths were everywhere and there was even a sauna built in to the hillside, freakin awesome!

Fave Food Moment: Truffle Pizza and wine at a tiny table in a medieval village (we ate it too quickly to take pics, oops)

Monaco and Monte Carlo, France


We made a quick stop in Monaco for a day trip and it was very worth it! Monaco is a bright cheerful city with a beautiful harbor crammed full of yachts. We were a week early for the yacht show, but  still got to see a lot of the boats getting all set up. A short walk along the water brought us to Monte Carlo and the fancy hotels and casinos that have been the backdrop for tons of movies including James Bond and the Hitchcock film that brought Grace Kelly to Monaco for the first time.

Nice, France








While staying in Eze we decided to drive down the hill to watch the sunset on the beach in Nice and eat at a nearby fish house. Although the beaches are rocky, the shore is dotted with little beach clubs and we found a great place to sit and have some bubbly (and beer in Wyatt’s case) before dinner in the old harbor where we met some fellow New Yorkers who reminded us why we like NYC and also made me realize that meeting people from home helps us learn even more about the places we go, from different perspectives.

Fave food moment: Dinner in the old port of Villefranche-sur-Mer, fresh fish and great conversation.

St. Tropez, France


Our last stop on the trip was Saint Tropez and we really loved it! We spent two nights at a beautiful hotel, walked around the little town with it’s fancy stores and beautiful market with clothing and food, and checked out even more yachts parked in the harbor. The people watching was absolutely amazing and we enjoyed great food and

Fave Food Moment: Breakfast at the hotel and dinner at the local Indian Food joint, amazing curry!

If there’s one thing that Wyatt and I completely agree on it’s the importance of a gigantic breakfast on vacay and France did not disappoint!

Poached eggs and salmon

La Fin!


Wine Country outside of St. Tropez