New Brit+Co. Article: Toxin Free Swaps for Beauty Essentials

Posted on 12 Apr 2015 in FRESH, healthy, Product Review, recipe, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Spring is a great time of year to clean out anything that no longer serves you, including your old or chemical laden bath and body products. That means you Bath & Body Works collection! Check out my 6 swaps for healthier products, some of which you can DIY! Read the full article on Brit.co.    

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Fresh: Skin Cleanse Book Love Plus A Brief Life Update

Posted on 03 Apr 2015 in FRESH, healthy, Product Review, recipe, Uncategorized | 2 comments

This week a few of my favorite lady bloggers have been getting real and honest on the heavy stuff that is going on for them in their lives. It almost feels like something has been in the air lately and everyone is going through some intense stuff, or probably more accurately, they’re going through life. My […]

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Product Love: Nourish Snacks Taste Test

Posted on 26 Mar 2015 in FRESH, healthy, Product Review, Uncategorized | 1 comment

There are very few topics that I can call myself an expert on, but one of them is snacking. I know a good snack when it crosses my path and ever since I’ve embarked on a healthier lifestyle I’ve discovered that my love for snacks only grows deeper. Fortunately for us all, snacks have changed so much since […]

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Cabo San Lucas Trip Details and Lots of Photos

Posted on 06 Mar 2015 in FRESH, healthy, travel, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Cabo San Lucas Trip Details and Lots of Photos

Now that we  live in California the need to escape to the beach in the winter is not nearly as emergency level, but it’s still so nice to get away and take a break together and just re-connect with yourself and your significant other. This post has a lot of photos, which I don’t usually do, […]

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Coconut Butter is the Bomb: 5 Ways to Use it + Recipes

Posted on 03 Mar 2015 in FRESH, health, healthy, Uncategorized | 1 comment

I bought my first jar of coconut butter at the local farmers market over the weekend and I’m totally hooked! I’ve been obsessed with coconut oil for years now and have almost stopped using olive oil altogether for cooking as it actually goes rancid in high heat, yikes! The flavor of coconut butter is slightly […]

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