Registry Re-do: What I Actually Used In The First Six Months + MomBox Giveaway

Posted on 13 Sep 2018 in baby | 0 comments

This post has been a long time in the making, but due to motherhood, a ton of life changes, perinatal yoga teacher training and also a desire to really test out all of this baby stuff before sharing my opinions on it, it’s finally getting done! Here it is, my registry re-do– what I would […]

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The (Mostly) Hilarious Lessons I’ve Learned in the Fourth Trimester

Posted on 13 May 2018 in baby, Uncategorized, writing | 1 comment

I’ve been a mom for three months now and I still wake up and think, is this little human really mine? As everyone tells you, there really is no way to prepare for the trials and tribulations that you’re about to embark on as you move from that tense ‘ready to pop’ period to full […]

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Newborn Photos and Learnings From the First Weeks of Life

Posted on 19 Mar 2018 in baby | Comments Off on Newborn Photos and Learnings From the First Weeks of Life

One month with Scarlet already, how did that happen? The passing of each day and all of the tiny moments that comprise those 24 hours are long, but weeks pass so quickly and suddenly the marks on your body from carrying (and delivering) a baby begin to fade and disappear and new changes take their place, […]

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Scarlet’s Birth Story

Posted on 27 Feb 2018 in baby, health, pregnancy | 10 comments

It’s been two weeks since our baby girl, Scarlet Peri was born and yet it feels like a mini-lifetime. Time is flying by. To be honest, I’ve been writing and rewriting this for days, mostly just processing everything that happened in my long birth journey–oh, and also caring for an infant. Sharing this story is […]

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