A Few of My Favorite Things: Gift Guide 2016

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I’m keeping it simple and straightforward this year cause let’s face it, it’s late in the game!

Here are some products that I’ve fallen for this year:


Feel Good Formulas:

 Sun Potion offers a full range of high-quality tonic herbs, superfoods and even Matcha!


Scribbler’s Companion:

I was recently introduced to Shinola in Palo Alto and love their high quality, customizable journals, but they also do other beautiful leather goods like watches, bags and even bikes. Shinola has created over 500 jobs since 2012 and are based in Detroit.

somaClean and Beautiful Hydration Solutions

I just love the team behind Soma water! Based in San Francisco, the company was founded with a desire to get people to drink more water which really is the foundation of good health. Filters are plant based on the design of the pitchers and bottles is a HUGE step up from ye olde Brita!


For Glossy Gals

I have tried nearly every natural lip balm out there, and Beauty Counter Lip Gloss is so freakin’ amazing. I got the set from Target when they launched their collab and it really is awesome. No stickiness, just really nice sheer color that lasts and keeps your lips really hydrated.

glossierfavesThe Hippest Basics

If you’re looking to hydrate lips on the regular, then Glossier balm dotcom is the way to go. I also love the priming moisturizer that really sets skin up for makeup success, especially for those with temperamental skin. doterra-travel-kitNew product shots with some blank mockups

Plant-Based Healing

I’ve dabbled in essential oils for a long time and finally went all in recently and got involved with doTERRA after learning a lot from my coach and friend Karina at Wanderlust this summer. These oils are the best of the best, grown and harvested to get the best of each plant and therefore provide the most health benefits when diffused, applied topically and in some cases ingested.   I’ve had skin problems forever and love the acne line. I’m also diffusing in my house day and night now and feeling amazing, plus the oils clean the air and enter the Limbic system through the diffusing process. Please reach out if you want to try something out or have questions about products, I’d love to talk about it with you!hydro_flask_standard-mouth_vacuum_water_bottle_-_24_fl__oz__-_rei_comHot and Cold 

Hydro Flask has created a winning combination of durable, plastic free-design that keeps hot water really hot. If you like to keep your water at a stable temperature and can’t be trusted with glass, this is the bottle for you!


Best Snack Award:

If you love healthy and unique snacks you’ll love Sakara! My favorite of this batch are the CBD chocolates which create an amazing calming feeling without any of the usual trippy effects of THC. The bars are amazing too and perfect on the go!

allbirds-sneakersComfy Style

All Birds shoes are all about simplicity and comfort using Merino Wool sourced from around the World and no synthetic materials. The company is all about sourcing ethically and animal welfare as well and are constantly thinking of ways to innovate their product. It’s not a running shoe, but it’s perfect for everyday wear!


Comfy, Drapey, Pretty, Perfect Threads

I’ve been obsessed with Aritzia for years, those Canadians can do no wrong! Everything I own is soft, comfy and durable. I especially love this suede dress that is so versatile for any occasion!


Bras for Women Who Hate Bras

After trying a ton of Bralettes (underwire is seriously evil) Kit and Ace wins for best materials, comfort, style and durability.


The Perfect Accessory 

Oh my goodness, if personality could be described by a jewelry brand, mine would be Baghsu Jewels. Everything this adorable husband and wife (and now baby) team makes is original, unique and perfect for anyone. I own several pieces now and can never decide which to wear, I love them all so much! Everything is 30% off right now, so get on it!


Nemat Amber Fragrance

I’ve shouted my love of The Goddess Line roll on perfume oil from the rooftops for some time but this discovery from Whole foods is winning me over. With 10 different fragrances and all natural ingredients, this stuff is amazing and really inexpensive!


Dinner Made Easy

I love to cook, but hate to plan! I’ve tried both Blue Apron and Sun Basket and love them both, but Sun Basket is winning me over with healthier options and more veggie heavy dishes.


Bliss Out

My friend Rachel has created this amazing “Spark Your Bliss” card deck with the intention of something new and different creating “something that would resonate with the “everyday chick” not just strictly for yogis or meditation gurus.” Each card has a positive mantra and journaling exercise. Support the Kickstarter here!

Finally, don’t forget to give back to great organizations doing good stuff in the World! I love ASPCA, Mercy for Animals, and after this trip to AfricaConservation International