Thailand Part One: Recovery

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I’m alive again! Three days in Thailand has literally transformed me into a new and improved human. Shiny, healthy, content. I’m not sure if travel has the same effect on you but I find when I land somewhere it takes me some time to lose my New York neurosis and just be present, but when it finally happens I feel like I’m my real self  again, I can go with the flow and openly take things as they come.

The last 2 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and my energy has been all over the place. Moving into a new apartment that Wyatt and I bought together a few days before the trip was an immense challenge, but we love our new home! I also had a very odd turn of events at work (an unintentional bait and switch the day before I left), the death of a family member and the birth of two others, it’s been a crazy and exciting winter so far! Also, the cold has a profound effect on my psyche, and not a good one, I feel like a scrunched up piece of tin foil, stiff little ball, that’s impossible to untangle.

Getting here wasn’t exactly easy, but it was a very worthwhile trek. I haven’t traveled alone since Tokyo, about 5 years ago now, and I missed having my ever energetic and relaxed husband with me, but it feels so great to be back in this part of the World. It’s crazy that a destination this far away can actually feel so comfortable. I flew from Tokyo to Bangkok, stayed overnight there and then took another flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui the next morning, followed by a boat to Koh Phangan where I am now on Salad Beach (Haad Salad), which is the perfect landing place for a solo traveler. The hotel I chose is up on a hill and the I’m the definition of a horrible packer, so dragging all my stuff up and down has been good cardio! The hotel is called ‘Cookies Salad Resort’ and I think I chose it solely because those are my two favorite foods. The bay is peaceful and mellow with several restaurants and bars dotting the shore and perfect white sand beaches and turquoise water.

There are perks to traveling alone, one is the ease in making friends. I’ve made several already including a couple from Germany, a family from Denmark with a 2-year old daughter named Olivia, and another guy from Germany, Andy, also traveling alone. Why are people so much more open when they are away from home? I know that I am for sure, I feel like I know these few people better in three days than I know a lot of my close friends at home and we don’t even speak the same first language! Maybe it’s because we’re not obsessively talking about work, but instead being in a moment together, sharing food and experiences. It’s so nice and extremely genuine and I’ve learned a lot about Thailand from them. I’ve been drinking beer, no Prosecco here, but the local beer Chang is good and it costs less than a dollar!

Arriving a few days before my training has been invaluable. After you travel enough you know that there are a few inevitable side effects; sunburn, jet lag, stomach issues, and the NYC high strung, anxiety detox as I mentioned earlier! I’ve practiced with the sunrise every morning and have had two Thai massages, the first I think I failed, the tiny masseuse was making very disappointed and surprised ewws andahhs and I was trying not to scream and or cry from the amazing pressure and release of tension in my body. An hour massage is $10-15 USD (I may do it everyday) and did much better with a coconut oil massage. Tomorrow I venture to another part of the island to begin training, I’m so excited to meet the people I’ll be spending the next few weeks with and can’t wait to practice all day every day, this experience is such a dream come true and my gratitude is immense.

To be continued…